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Novellus Bridging

Novellus Bridging, 1 Elmfield Park, Bromley Kent, BR1 1LU

Any data you provide Novellus Bridging will be used in the decision making and processing of any future loan. The data we collect will be shared with our legal representatives and potentially other third parties to assess your suitability and for future transactions on any loan(s) with Novellus Bridging. We will hold information securely for up to 5 years after your contract with Novellus Bridging ends. Should you wish for us to delete all traces of data we hold about you after your contract expires or should you wish to request details of data we hold about you please email info@novellusbridging.co.uk

DPA Registration Number: ZA259171
Novellus Limited is not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.